Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Blog Post 8

Book: Moloka'i
Author: Alan Brennert

Narrator Point Of View: The narrator of the story is a girl names a Rachel. As of for the point of view, it is from a first person point of view due to the fact that everything is from Rachel's perspective in my opinion. Throughout the story I constantly know how Rachel's feeling and what she's thinking but as of for other characters I only know what they say and obvious emotions.

Mood: As of for moods, I feel mix of emotions throughout the story constantly striving to make me feel grateful, sorrow, frustration and happiness. The author strives to show to me that with all these emotions, how fortunate I am to have to have medical assistance in the way we have it now.

Tone: According to the authors note towards the end of the story, throughout the book the author constantly strived to show ultimate passion for the topic and constantly did research in the topic. The author feels like this is an important topic and strives to show passion towards the novels characters and the book itself.