Tuesday, December 13, 2016

About Me

     Hello, my name is Malena and I am here today to tell you about myself. I play multiple sports including volleyball, running, and swimming. I like volleyball because it involves a lot of action and is really unlimited on what you can do. You can be very creative. I like running because it's just something that I naturally like to do. I am in Cross Country as well. Finally, I like swimming because once again, it can involve a lot of creativity and it is fun. Some of my hobbies include filming because once again I can spread my creativity. Because of my filming passion I am in ISWAT which is a club where we work with technology and stuff of that sort. I am also in OAV which is a club where we work in the community involving diffrent projects. Another club I am in, is NJHS, National Junior Honor Society. We work on different projects to help multiple organizations.

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