Sunday, April 24, 2016

Blog Seventeen: 42 Reflection

          According to the dictionary, discrimination is, "the unjust or prejudicial of different categories of people or things." I believe the no one should ever be considered in a "category" excuse of their race or religion. In life, people should have equal opportunities in education and life. I believe the discrimination is when you are being automatically put into a specific group because of your race and religion. This can cause people to make fun of your and can even affect specific everyday tasks.
          Years ago, my father grew up in Serbia, Europe. He stayed there for exactly three years and then my grandparents decided to move to America, where my grandpa's sister was staying. My grandparents, my father, my uncle and my grandpas wife and husband all lived in a small house. One day my grandparents afforded to by a house in Berwyn next to Hiawatha. My father became going to school there and didn't no any English. People made fun of him because of his name and the way he talked and the language he talked. People called him louie pooy. Later in life he became successful.

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