Sunday, April 24, 2016

Blog Eighteen: About My Father, Jackie Robinson

1. I think Sharon Robinson wrote this article because she wanted to express what her father went through and the struggles he had to face. I think his daughter wanted to show how Jackie changed the face of America, baseball and the community in general.

2. The main idea of the article is to show Jackie Robinson's life and how determined he was to become a baseball player. It shows the struggle and pain Jackie had to to go through.
 The article is more than just someone becoming a baseball player. I found evidence for my answer on paragraph 10, from the beginning to the end.

3. The "color barrier" was mainly the fact the blacks and any one colored and whites were separated. Because of the color barrier there were only whites on the major league baseball and blacks weren't allowed to interact with the whites at specific times. Branch Rickey was known for breaking the "color barrier" in Major League Baseball.

4. Rickey needed to know Jackie Robinson's college statistics for multiple reasons. Rickey found out that Jackie was the leading basketball score in the conference and the national champion in the long jump and also and All-American halfback in football. I found all of this information on paragraph 7, from the beginning to the end.

5. Jackie Robinson had to have strength to "turn the cheek" and overcome the meanness of everyone. He had to have mental and psychical strength. For example, on paragraph 9, Rickey acted out "a racist fan shouting angry insults."

6. According to paragraph 10, the article states, "Today, Major League Baseball players come from around the world and and continue to break barriers of culture, language, race and religion." Because of Jackie Robinson, the world saw that people of all race and religion can do anything a white man can do. We are all the same.

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