Thursday, March 31, 2016

March Madness- Blog #31

The story is going to be the first time my flight was cancelled...

We were flying to Argentina but not a direct flight. So basically, we flew to New Jersey and then from New Jersey to Argentina. So according to our tickets our flight was going to take off in a few minutes. My mom, dad, sister and me were waiting. So the airport announced the our flight might not be taking of because the plane was slightly damaged. An hour past and we were still waiting. Finally, the airplane crew let us actually board the plane but it was TERRIBLE. There was NO air-conditioning and everyone was crammed together because no one wanted to sit. Later, there was more drama with my family and after hours the plane announced that we weren't going to take off. I grabbed my small bag and then we went to a specific part of the airport to get our hotel, which was provided by the airline. We then got our hotel and in New Jersey. The hotel was beautiful and huge with indoor fountains and stuff of that sort but since it was the middle of the night we didn't have time to explore but go to sleep because tomorrow, we were going to have to experience hours of flying. The was the first time my flight was cancelled.

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