Friday, March 11, 2016

Blog Thirteen: Alternate Ending

1. Jonas and Gabriel were cold and tired. Gabriel was getting weaker. How did Jonas find the strength to move on? Jonas used the little memory of sunshine to warm Gabriel and himself for a quick second. Later on the continued the process.

2. What result did Jonas brief encounter with sunshine have on him? The brief encounter with sunshine warmed Jonas and Gabriel. Without the sunshine they currently would be dead because they would freeze to death.

3. Jonas "was aware with certainty and joy that below, ahead, they were waiting for him; and that they were waiting too for the baby." Why was Jonas so certain? I feel like throughout the whole story Jonas was usually positive and never let negativity takeover. Jonas let his imagination takeover and started imagining music and color.

                I stared into the distance. There was a town with river. I glanced and Gabriel who was asleep in my arms. About a mile or two ago the front wheel on my bike popped which made me walk. It was getting dark now and I needed to find a place to stay. The woods are clearing up and a dirt path has brought me to where I am now. I smiled but was too weak to show my excitement. Finally, the place I've been dreaming of. The place where you make your own decisions. A new world. I dragged my feet on the floor, trying as quickly as possible to meet the people of what we call Elsewhere. I made my way to the river. The soft splashes of the river brought back so many memories of home. Gabriel woke up and we both listened to the quiet water as I crossed the bridge. The town looked similar... all of it. To the right was a recreation center and homes on the left. Right then I heard a familiar voice.
"It will be all right," the voice said, "It is just pain."
I tried looking at the figure with the voice but the darkness of the night sky only allowed me to see a shadow. The man seemed to comfort a little boy and then the man pointed to a house in the distance. "Get some rest" the man whispered.
The little boy scurried to his house. Gabriel whimpered.
"Shh..." I said.
Right then the old man turned and I realized it was The Giver. I ran out of the shadows, placed Gabriel on the floor and hugged The Giver. There was nothing but silence and The Giver automatically knew it was me.
                 While hugging The Giver, I had a thought. Why is The Giver here... in Elsewhere? Did he know about Elsewhere but didn't tell me?
"Why did you come back," The Giver said, "it is not safe here."
Right then it hit me. There is no Elsewhere. I am back to my community, the same community. I slowly let go of The Giver.
"Are they still looking for me?" I asked The Giver nervously.
He stayed silent, "Jonas, they think you are gone... if they find you who knows what will happen," The Giver whispered, "you must go back." I picked up Gabriel, worrying that be might crawl away. Gabriel seemed to notice where he was and smiled but I was too sad to worry about Gabriel. All my hopes and dreams of Elsewhere were gone. Vanished. I wanted to cry and to go home to my fake parents who didn't even love me. I wanted to see Lily, see how much she has grown. The whole community is a fake but then again comforting at times like this. The Giver stood there, respecting my thoughts and silence.
Gabriel then placed his small hand on my cheek and said, "Jonas."
He interuptted my thoughts but in a good way. Right then, a few people started walking towards The Giver.
"You must run," The Giver said, "search for Elsewhere again." For the first time I had no confidence in Elsewhere.
                 I held Gabriel tight as I ran towards the bridge. Gabriel whimpered reaching his hands towards the community. "Home," he cried, "home." I looked Gabriel and then back at The Giver. Gabriel didn't need this pressure in his life. He didn't deserve to suffer.  I glanced at The Giver, pointed at Gabriel. The Giver understood and nodded in return. I placed Gabriel on the floor, knowing that I'd be putting his life in risk. I was going to leave Gabriel by the river and later when The Giver was done helping the people he'd come and pick up Gabriel. Over time, Gabriel has toughen and maybe the community might reconsider if Gabriel would be released. I waved at Gabriel and walked away. "Bye," I whispered, "bye, bye little guy." I ran away. This time I decided to go in a different direction. The path looked unfamiliar and all I could he was the sound of my feet hitting the pavement. In the distance I heard Gabriel's soft giggles and can tell The Giver picked him up. Who knows what will happen to Gabriel. Maybe Gabriel will get released but one things for sure... it is better then him dyeing in the wild. I closed my eyes and hoped the The Giver and Gabriel will be okay. They were really the only people that I cared about. I even hoped the Asher and Fiona would be safe and my parents. Even Lily who would probably grow up and become a Nurturer. Someday she will know the truth... but she won't tell. She can't tell. No one in the community has ever been strong enough to stand up for themselves and try to make a difference. Not even me. But I hope Gabriel can. I know Gabriel can. I feel it.

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