Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Blog Fifteen: Thinking

1. There are many parts of the Giver that I find interesting but I mainly think about the community. Now wait! The community is NOT fascinating but the fact that people can create Sameness and have it be "successful,"that fascinates me. Now there are people in the world who use there power for bad instead of good but still how does someone get that power? Also, Jonas (the main character) is pretty interesting. Like why would he want to go to Elsewhere, where did he get an idea that there was Elsewhere.

2. I am reading the Hunger Games and what I find interesting is the main character Katniss. She is so kind and brave to volunteer for her sister. If me sister were to be called, I'd be like, "Be safe and have a wonderful time," with the biggest possible smile I could ever make. Just kidding...

3. I don't like the ending of The Giver. The book was so interesting and exciting... I was really looking forward to the ending and then boom, out of nowhere the ending was terrible. I understand that there is another book but really? I want this book to be good. Another, thing that bothers me is Asher. After the situation with when Jonas told him to stop playing war Asher was so different.  

4. So far, in the book I like everything. I've only read a bit but I am looking forward to the ending and lets hope the ending is good.

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