Thursday, February 25, 2016

Blog Eight: Freedom

Freedom. We are so lucky to have freedom (according to the Preamble) in America. Sometimes there are things that challenge us and supports us to have freedom. For example, sometimes terrorists, threaten our freedom. Other countries might be jealous and do something that will affect us. Also, certain groups can affect our freedom. These are just a few examples of cons but what about pros? Well, sometimes we help other countries, which can help them have a better perspective of us.
In our groups today we read about Gun Control. I think we need gun control, other people don't want gun control. I think we need gun control because according to the article, recently in the USA there, have been lots of gun problems and shootings. From what I have above, sometimes I feel that we have no much freedom. If the government says something that is 100% we should agree with it. Maybe we can have gun control but monthly checks and a visit to the owners property. In "The Giver" everyone already has freedom. Everything is perfect. There freedom is being able to live mainly (not to be released). Then again, if you really think about it they DON'T have much freedom. In Jonas society, everything is controlled.

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