Monday, February 29, 2016

Blog Nine: Imagine

In the song "Imagine" by John Lennon, the singer is trying to explain and imagine a world where everything is perfect. A world where no one has to be greedy or suffer from hunger. A world where everyone is the same, no religion and beliefs. This of course if not true in our current day society but in "The Giver" this is how life is. Everyone is the same, no religion, no hunger, no need to be greedy.

Thursday, February 25, 2016

Blog Eight: Freedom

Freedom. We are so lucky to have freedom (according to the Preamble) in America. Sometimes there are things that challenge us and supports us to have freedom. For example, sometimes terrorists, threaten our freedom. Other countries might be jealous and do something that will affect us. Also, certain groups can affect our freedom. These are just a few examples of cons but what about pros? Well, sometimes we help other countries, which can help them have a better perspective of us.
In our groups today we read about Gun Control. I think we need gun control, other people don't want gun control. I think we need gun control because according to the article, recently in the USA there, have been lots of gun problems and shootings. From what I have above, sometimes I feel that we have no much freedom. If the government says something that is 100% we should agree with it. Maybe we can have gun control but monthly checks and a visit to the owners property. In "The Giver" everyone already has freedom. Everything is perfect. There freedom is being able to live mainly (not to be released). Then again, if you really think about it they DON'T have much freedom. In Jonas society, everything is controlled.

Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Blog Seven: Jonas POV Change

Throughout, "The Giver" Jonas POV (Point Of View) changes. In Jonas community people don't experience many things but since Jonas has become the Receiver of Memory he will need to receive certain memories that NO ONE has experienced. This has changed the way he thinks of his community and problems/struggles. For example, on page 83, chapter 11, Jonas says, "It hurt a lot... but I'm glad you gave it to me. It was interesting. And now I understand better, what it meant, that there would be pain." This proves that Jonas knows that there will be some struggles that he has NEVER experienced or faced.

Blog Six: Just a Memory

 In the book, "The Giver" there are NO chapter names so for a blog we were suppose to pick a chapter and give it a title. So far in "The Giver" I had read 10 chapters and chapter 10 was probably my favorite.

So I decided to name that chapter... "Just a Memory" because chapter 10 is about bringing back memories of things no one saw but memories being past down.

Blog Five: Choices, choices

I personally, would rather live in a world where you have the freedom to make your own choices.
            There are multiple reasons why I like this topic, “rather live in a world where you have the freedom to make your own choices” than, “one where your choices are made for you.” I have three main reasons why I believe this is a better option. Number one; we learn from our mistakes by many ways. One including, making decisions and choices. If the society controlled our choices, they would always choice the right one. Number two; making choices is a skill (personal opinion). Has you get older you should know what is right and what is wrong. If you want to get better at something you practice and without practicing your chances of improving the skill decreases. Lastly, number three. There are many things that define your personality, one including your choices. Without, making choices people wouldn’t really have independence. These are my three main reasons.  

            There are pros and cons of both topics and although, “one where your choices are made for you” might be an easier choice, “you have the freedom to make your own choices” will build person independence and improve their skill of decisions.  “One where your choices are made for you” only let’s people slack off.

Monday, February 22, 2016

Blog Four Unity through Conformity

The society analyzes everyone everyone and studies their behavior. When you get paired up with a significant other, your personality is similar, you both have similar interests. sometimes I feel the society is making up people. Sometimes I feel the society is making up people. When everyone one is "perfect"... everyone is similar.

Blog Three: What If?

History. I love history and learning about historical events but imagine if we didn't have history or any record of it. How would life be? One thing is for sure we would constantly be making mistakes, big ones and small ones. We learn from our past... without knowing our history we wouldn't learn. For example, throughout history we have improved with technology. Without past inventions we wounded know what to work and improve. knowledge of the world is important. Today in class we discussed about this topic. Sometimes I disagreed with people but mainly I was questioning. In the discussion my views didn't really change but I did question myself here and there. People said a few things but nothing to change my opinion.

Blog Two: Two Worlds Collide


• Parents/Siblings
• Jobs
• School
• Volunteer hours


• Jobs (such as Birthmother)
• Family Units
• Can't have stirring dreams; must take pills
• No animals

So, our world and Jonas world are really different but one thing is for sure I would rather live in this world for many reasons. Here they are below...

• We have animals, in Jonas world there are none
• You can be released in Jonas world, not in this world

Sunday, February 21, 2016

Blog One

              There are many pros and cons when it comes to someone picking your job for you. Has of for some of the pros according to "The Giver" people watch you see what you are interested in. Maybe these certain people notice something that you do, that you never though you liked.
              One con is that maybe you like it for a certain period of time and then get sick of it. Also, you have to constantly know that you can't have any say or give any ideas.
              According to "The Giver" you receive a job when you are twelve years old. This is not good in my opinion because when you are twelve you are still very young and like to hang out with your friends. You are responsible for small jobs, like chores but in reality you still shouldn't have a job. You won't have any fun time.